Alternative Presidential Election of Hungary

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This is the official blog of the alternative presidential election of Hungary launched by the OneMillion for Freedom of Press in Hungary Facebook community.

On its mass protest on 23 October 2011 the One Million for Freedom of Press in Hungary Facebook community announced that it would launch a campaign to elect an Alternative President in Hungary.

The campaign has two main goals. Firstly, we want to contribute to a new political discourse in Hungary by showing that there are indeed alternatives to the current political elite. Secondly, as our Facebook group reaches almost 100,000 people, we wish to use the campaign as a platform to provide visibility to those with concrete ideas about changes they want to see in Hungary and willingness to speak up.

The nomination process, which was completely public, open and transparent, started on 30 December 2011. Anyone who felt they were qualified and ready to take on the role of the Alternative President was welcome to submit their speech in a one-minute video to nominate themselves. The first round of the online election, which took place on Facebook, started on 6 February 2012: 50 candidates – activists and self-advocates, professors and researchers, musicians and writers, students and professionals of all generations were competing for votes. 7 candidates, who received the greatest number of votes by 13 February midnight, moved on to the second round. 

See the chart below for the results of the first round:


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